Settings for a NVIDIA card

Would someone humor a old man and tell me where to set the NVIDIA card setting to maximize Blender use.
Or, does it make any difference. I play no video games and the computer is really Blender designated if you will.
Also is it necessary for me to keep updating the NVIDIA drivers since they seem to be targeted at gamers.

I doesn’t matter much. There are two different issues: the speed of your 3D viewport in Blender and your GPU rendering speed when using Cycles (for Blender Internal this doesn’t matter, as the GPU is not used for rendering, only your CPU). For Cycles these particaular settings doesn’t matter. For 3D viewport perhaps, I suspect very little, but I don’t really personally care much, as I think there is not much difference in tweaking. I do however care about rendering speeds, and that is independent from this.

To better understand how that works, it helps forgetting that your NVIDIA card is a graphics adapter connected to your screen. Cycles doesn’t care about this at all. To Cycles, your NVIDIA GPU is just a small parallel computer inside your PC that is can use to calculate with. It break the render down to small discrete tasks that can be done in parallel. Since the GPU is a parallel computer with a lot more cores than your CPU, it will do the job a lot faster than your CPU. The settings you are looking at are about how your GPU displays data on your monitor. This matters for gaming (and to some extent in the 3D viewport when your are editing), but not for rendering.

I hope that was clear - I’m a little tired & low on coffee over here :wink:

I’ll add a shameless plug for a Blender Cycles Hardware FAQ I’ve been setting up if you want a deep dive into the details around this.

Very clear and informative. Thank you. And, the link was also interesting but you had pretty well covered my interest already. And, nobody should be low on coffee in the free world. Once again thanks. I had suspected most, if not all, of the settings were for gaming and now you have confirmed it. theoldghost

Amen to that! :slight_smile: