Settings for rendering HD video

Hi all,

I have created a video using the video editor with HD images (1280x720). Now, I am trying to create a video .mp4 file in HD so I have choosen the following settings:

  • Dimensions:
    Resolution: 1280x720 (100%)

  • Output:
    MPEG (RGB)

  • Encoding:
    Format: H.264
    Bitrate: 14000
    Maximum rate: 14000

However, the video obtained does not seem to be HD and, in fact, has a really low size (12 MB for 1 minute of playback).

Could someone please choose the right settings for creating a video file with truly High Definition?

Many thanks for your help!


output as an .avi or as a series of PNGs.

Many thanks for your answer, but I’m afraid that I want to use the video to upload it to YouTube or see it on a PlayStation 3, so the series of PNGs is quite not useful. I also tried using the .avi format, but the PS3 does not recognise it and the quality issue remains.

Hi there.

I can only share the system I use for uploading my videos to youtube in the MP4 format.

I first render the file in 1920 x 1080 as a sequence of PNGs (as M9105826 suggested).

I then generally reload the startup scene, go into the video sequence editor, add the image sequence then render in MPEG format with MPEG4 selected in encoding. I have not fiddled with the bitrate, but during playback I see no difference between the stills and the finished movie (I would love someone to correct me if I am in error in this regard).

This format works well for youtube aswell as xbox live media centre (as I do not own a PS3, I cannot give you an answer in that regard).

It appears you could do the above with your resolution and it may solve your problem.

I use a similar system. I render the 3D animation as a set of PNG files and then I combine them using the Video Sequence Editor with a few effects (mainly fade effects). The result is good, but I think that it lacks some polish and, definitely, when I pause the video, the quality of the still image is lesser than the source PNG.

Well, many thanks for your answer! I will keep on looking if there is some way to improve the end result.