Settings for viewing correct 3D print colors in Blender 2.8


When you’re creating models for 3D printing in Blender 2.79, the default color management settings used to give a distorted impression of the actual 3D print colors, because the color profiles compensate for the dynamic screen range.

Prior to Blender 2.8 I usually turned the Display Device setting from sRGB to None, and used the old Blender Render’s materials in Shadeless mode to see the correct diffuse colors in the viewport.

With the new Workbench viewport renderer, does anyone have advice regarding the best settings in 2.8 for accurately viewing the colors of a 3D print model, not distorted by screen color management, screen gamma correction, etc.?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Bumping up this question, hoping a skilled, experienced, highly intelligent, all-knowing Blenderhead reads it and would be so kind to help me out. :wink:

Bumping it up once more, asking the universe for a Blender wizard willing to shed light on this matter. :slightly_smiling_face: