Settings in Blender on a Mac ?

I got a MacBook few time ago and now i want to try out the 2.69 release, but there’s a problem:
Since I started Blender when I used a PC i never had this problem before (macs have their downsides :confused: ), the new Version of blender i downloaded didn’t used all the settings i already set up on the previous version !
the design was reseted to the default one, my add ons weren’t installed anymore, i lost my custom UI’s and even worse: the short cuts are away ! :open_mouth:
since this is pretty shitty and i don’t want to set up everything manually again every time i update blender, does anyone knows how to fix this ? I’ll be really thankful fr support !!
also my blender 2.68 version starts automatically in fullscreen, but not the common one (you know, when it has it’s own ‘desk’), it’s more likely the one windows has, anybody knows how to fix this issue ?

I really hope you can Help me, have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

PS: I’m not 100% if this is the right forum, if not i’m sorry

There is an hidden configuration file to copy/paste the theme, addon configuration, keys and so on… but in the new versions (2.66+) you can obtain the same result by pressing the “Copy previous setting” in the splash screen of the new installed blender!
Hope it works!


On Mac OS there is a folder called ‘Application Support’ in the Library folder of your home folder, it is hidden by default but you can open it from the Finder ‘Go’ menu only if you Alt+click on it.
The first time you open Blender a new folder called Blender will be created into this Application Support, and inside it a folder 2.xx relative to the current version. It is where your configurations are stored.
If you know where is the equivalent folder in Windows, you can copy your older configuration files there, I think.


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In addition, you should also be aware that “an Application” in OS/X is a folder. You can right-mouse-click on the item and “open contents.” Sometimes, resources (such as scripts and so-forth) will be found inside.

thanks for all these answeres ! :slight_smile: I"m so glaaaad :3