Setup Artist Crash Course

I am attempting to become a Professional Blender Setup Artist and Animator.

Unfortunatly, I suck at modeling. I would like two or three good humanoid models to practice rigging and animating with.

Note; I’m not sure if this is in the right forum.

There are both Modeling and Animation subforums in the Support section that would have been a better place to ask your question, but to get you started, you should check out:

ManCandy: (old link, I’d search here for newer info)


Introduction to Character Animation in Blender

I was talking about a “MODEL”, not a rig. The purpose of this would be so I could practice rigging my own charachter with the model, not to examine an existing rig.

So, download mancandy or ludwig, open the file, and delete the armature. Voila! A model, ready to be rigged.

Will try with Ludwig.

I’ve just released a male body base-mesh model under CC Attribution that you can feel free to use. It’s all ready to be rigged and animated.


Go grab the BBB Characters and just import the mesh without the armature into your own blend file.