[Setup] Modifier Stack

…!!! Modifier Stack Experience for Offical Release 2.74 !!!..

> maybe in the future there will come some nice changes for the stack system,
> but for now you can use this idea of setup with few well-known addons

Update #2

> Please Unzip and read the install instructions

> Copy Properties from Active to Selected (switch)
> Copy only choosen Modifier from Active to Selected (copy attributes)
> Edit or Cage on-off for all Modifier (display tools)
> Expand or Collapse all Modifier (display tools)
> Delete and Apply in Object- and Editmode

Looks cool. I’m however looking forward to modifiers as nodes, too.

Wow, this is very neat. I have just tested it and I like the neat layout and easy access!
Thank you for sharing!

Update #2 with smaller Stack


Thanks , nice addon and thanks for sharing .

I only create it on the official release version 2.74
Please try it there…

Thanks for looking into!
As i said i was trying 2.74.5 which if i’m not mistaken was downloaded from blender.org. For me it’s marked as “official” at least.
I got the rest going after i installed and checked Display Tools addon; while knobs are duplicated on t-shelf it’s much more easier to use them on Modifiers tab. Looks like i’m missing Copy and Mirror parts still (on 2.74 and 2.75).
Linux, 64 bit OS here.

Ok! I don´t use Linux and i don´t know how to fix that.
I have tested it on 2.74 / 2.74.5 / 2.75-rc1, in Win7 64bit. There it works!

Nothing to do with Linux as such ;). Have you tried to use this without MetaTools or as only addon besides official ones?
After i add missing Class definitions and helpers addon works. As i suspected - this is to be used in combination with some other addon.
Anyhow - thanks again, nice to have functionality addon provides.

I tested it with SFC-Retopo and also with MetaTools with any problems.
But a i have a newer updated versions. coming soon…