Setup Placeholder/Proxy/SmartObject

hi all, I’m new to Blender (and, indeed 3D imaging as a whole) but not new to digital art.
I have one of those questions that goes along the lines of - I want my workflow to do X, how can I do this in Blender?
I am working on models in Sculptris and then exporting them to an OBJ file and importing into scenes in Blender for process and render.
Quite often, in the Blender camera view, I can see things I’d like to change in my model, which means that I have to:

  • Open my original model in Sculptris to make the changes.
  • Export to another OBJ file
  • Import that file into Blender
  • Reposition the new object to match the original, as the import puts it in some arbitrary place/orientation
  • Delete the original object

What I would likke to do is set have Blender automatically update my model in situ - keeping the orientation, scaling etc but updating any changes to the geometry.
So either - a refresh object command that checks the original OBJ file (and only that file) for updates or a manipulatable placeholder for my OBJ file that updates automatically.
Are either of these things possible? On the other hand, being new to this, have I missed an altogether simpler way of doing things? (I know Blender has sculpting tools, but I’m not there yet.)

Option 1 - do your sculpting in blender
Option 2 - learn to create a script in python or persuade/pay someone else to do that for you
Option 3 - (not automatic but may help to reposition an object the same everytime)
Add an empty and rotate/scale/ position appropriately. import the object and add it to a group (Ctrl+G), then move to a hidden layer (M)
In the empty duplication settings enable group and select the group name. The imported object will now look like your imported object