Setup your own renderfarm? Please help!

Hi guys!
I’m working on some animations, and it’s a long time to render that whole animation.
Now I’m looking for online, free renderfarms that supports ‘Cycles’.
I can’t find any.

Now I’m asking;
How can I make my own renderfarm with my computer (= master) and a laptop.
That supports Cycles!

Or does anyone know a good farm that accept free work and cycles?

Please help me out.

Here you are:

Cheers, mib.

I saw him yesterday already, but he doesn’t accept Cycles… :frowning:

if your just connecting to a laptop, perhaps try the network render addon first, not sure how good or fast it is but is in the preferences, addons/render/ network render and you access it from the renderer dropdown menu. might be worth trying before downloading stuff that probably just end up doing the same job :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will look at it tomorrow.
Are you know maybe it accept cycles aswel?

A simple way with access to multiple machines. Cycles also has Placeholder and Overwrite options

From the FAQ >

Does RenderWeb allow Cycles Renderer?

Yes! Just save a project with the Cycles Renderer selected and RenderWeb will automatically use that renderer.

Make sure you pack your textures! This is very important because Cycles typically does not work with packed textures, but you still must pack textures when using Cycles with RenderWeb.

Didn’t support CPU cycles rendering? Haven’t used them, but I swore Nathan was at least doing some testing with it.