SEVEN new blender games! (voting for sgmc)

(saluk) #1

The first speed game making contest is over!

You can get the games from the left column of the page at

I had a lot of fun making my game, and in the end learned how weird blender can be sometimes :slight_smile:

I think everyone had a great time, and some of those new at it learned a lot of new things. It’s a good way to help you to focus on a game, put some work into it, and get it out there right away for others to see, within a short period of time. Thanks to all participants.

It would be nice if those who actually participated in the contest voted for someone elses game:) But if you really feel your game is the best, go ahead. Especially considering I said I would vote for someone else then voted for me:)

(Yes I am evil)

(Bogey) #2

Thanks saluk for orginiseing that contest, that was the most fun (intense blending) since an SMC I entered last year. I wasted a day trying to think
of something, and then when I realised you had put sub time back It was “One big rush” JS. I couldent get the number selection too work reliably with any sensor or script that I had, so I thought wtf. If anyone can suggest how to fix it please let me know. Anyway I’m off to check out
the other games and I’ll be back to vote later.



PS everyone be carefull not to wear yourself out playing my game.

(saluk) #3

Sure thing, I had a lot of fun too, and I think I’m going to have another one in a week or so. Your blotto is pretty cool, and quite fun to watch:) You must have put a ton of work into it to work so well.

The only thing I can think of how to do something like this would be to have each ball have a property of what number it is, and then have the hole on the bottom be a collision sensor. You then set the collision sensor to move out of the way if touched by the next ball that’s supposed to go through. Still would run into problems though…

(jrt) #4

Hi everyone,
Haven’t had time to try all the them properly myself yet but it looks like some nice games turned in. I didn’t think I would like working to a deadline but as it turns out I quite enjoyed it. Sometimes when you’ve got nothing to work to your brain starts to sieze up.

As Bogey said, thank’s Salak for your hard work, I wasn’t going to vote for my own game either but having seen the others I think I will need every vote I can get!

Cheers, jrt.

(microman) #5

hey i hade a big part in the originating of this contest so i’d like a little credit!!!



(Appolonius) #6

Wow i had great fun making my game. I’ve learned a ton of new ways to make a great game.
Many thanks to those who had helped me :slight_smile:
Everyone had awsome games many where very original.
Well i made my vote…
Good luck to all who entered:)

(saluk) #7

Oh yeah, sorry micro!

Micro did have a lot to do with coming up with this idea, and he also created the irc channel (which was sadly underused). So props to him also for a great contest.

(Bogey) #8

Back from the pub, two hours of wicked amature blues. Spot on.
I was trying to rig it so that you could select 6 no’s on the panel, before you started, but they wouldent get selected. I tryed shooting them with rays, bullets, talking to them nicely etc. The swap meshes are there. But I dident think of parenting a near actuator to the finger until I was half way to pub. Say la vee, excuse my Inglish. Anyway it works as a lottery predictor and I cant be arsed to work out long It will take you to try it 14000000 times. Apollo gees too Micro for not mentioning you last time.
Im goin to mix my vote in later, not for myself, food,bed…



(Bogey) #9

Oh s–t who said bonfire

(blengine) #10

all the games have balls in it =\ i wasnt expecting that… kind of a lack of creativity :-? but i can kinda understand since it was a speed contest…

still i was a lil disappointed :frowning:
all the games were cool, but i didnt really have any fun playing them… except the skiball game… i could only play one ball though, them they just disappear, hehe

(saluk) #11

Um, imgrandpaboy: there was a THEME for the contest. Can you guess what the theme was? The IDEA was that they would all be games with balls.

And I think everyone put a lot of creativity in their games, thanks for nothing. You don’t even make games any more, go skate:)

(blengine) #12

OH HAHAHAH oh man…/me hides his face… hehe i knew something smelt fishy! oh i feel salty, hehe… i plead ignorance on my part! :stuck_out_tongue:
saluk, i ended up voting for your game cause the download finally finished! =) i thought it was the best one… the idea was awesome, the ball moved really slow though, i ended up waiting alot :slight_smile:

and in response to:

And I think everyone put a lot of creativity in their games, thanks for nothing. You don’t even make games any more, go skate:)

ill have u know ive been working on an adventure game the past week… its called medley’s mayhem starring a toon fox :wink: ive completed some modeling and alot of designs so poop on you

and now that i know that BALLS was the theme, i certainly see how there was a lot of creativity involved, knowin this changes my whole perspective, so dont be so harsh to me :wink:

(jrt) #13

Hi microman,
Sorry! didn’t realise you had so much to do with the contest.
Will have to be more careful in future and give credit were credits’ due.
Thanks for your hard work too.


(saluk) #14

Haha grandpa, I just don’t get you some times!

Thats cool that your making another game, can’t wait to see it. See you around.

(iconjunky) #15

Hay all.

ploing for originality, and roller ball HDV for graphical content me thinks.

enjoyed lookin at ALL of the games though. :slight_smile:


(Appolonius) #16

Congrats to you d0oGs for the sgmc win. Your game was indeed the best.
i enjoyed playing all the games, great work to all who entered
Now on to the next one YAY!

(jrt) #17

Yes nice goin’ doogs. “Of course it’s not the winning that’s important, it’s the taking part that matters!” He said, cryin’ into his beer!!


(doogs) #18

Thank you, although I felt I didn’t deserve it. As Blengine said to me, “What is the fun in pushing balls into garbage cans?”



(Yamyam) #19

I’m making like a your game(Armadillos) ->
and I wassaid too.I said,“What is the fun in the TETRIS? Please say with your words. OK?”;)I had fun in your game, and others too.

p.s. That my game was not released and Noone had ever seen this image.

(gargola) #20

hey…it’s just me or someone forgot to make a link to the games(to download them)or at least to see screenshots of them!