Several environments $100?

Hi. I’m an indie game maker and I need help to build an environment for several levels. I am looking for similar “desperados 2 or 3” style of modeling and texture but in a different environment. I’m targeting African desert and life. People live in tents and houses from sand and mud. Because it’s TD game the map will be small. I don’t know how to count the terrain in blender, but in Unity3d it start from 100100 till 150150 max.

-What you will do.
Terrain + Modeling + texturing.
-What you will not do:
Plants, animals and characters.

My budget is not high. I will pay 100$ via paypal. I can increase it as possible if I see a good work. I need 30 maps. If we agree, you will start with 10 levels to release a demo and see the feedback. If good…will continue. Else…will stop. If you asking about time, I have two months.

If you want to cooperate and put your name in this game here is a chance. I know it’s low price, but this offer what I can pay. In this game we are only 3 people (Composer, GM, Modeler,…). Still, there is a place for you.

Thank you.

here is my portfolio
Prashant Vyas Bio.pdf (350.8 KB)
and here is my resume !!
i understand what you want but discuss about how you will achive and set the scene tell more about it

Hello if you like to see some of my environments, please email at [email protected]
Thank you

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