Several files on the same blender file

Good evening,

I recently finished a long animation, unfortunately I did it on several files.
I would like to put these files end to end on the same file, to have the complete animation on a file and make rendering easier.

Does anyone know how to do that?
Thank you!

There is a way you can do it.
link all scenes from your file to a new file (name them properly so you can know which scene is which)
go to the video sequencer workspace
make a new scene and name it something so you know its the special one (can be “Edit”)
add scenes to your timeline (shift+A) and move them around

Per contra, that’s how I normally do it. Each “shot” (or a collection of related shots) is kept in a separate file, all linked to the master for that set. The frame-ranges that I need are rendered from those files and then stored separately. The actual movie is assembled using a video editor. The renderer only produces “individual film clips.”

Thanks for the answers, it worked!

Thanks for the answer,I should have linked the scenes to another from the beginning