Several question about simulating, weight painting, cycles material, eevee render, bone position

Hello everyone, I’m newbie.

I have a character looks like this

So I placed the clothes to the places. After trial and error around I found that I have to paint the weight to animate them. But should I paint the hair or simulate it instead? Is it possible if I want to paint the upper part and simulate the lower part of the hair?

Because when I simulated it:

And when I painted it:

Or I better off get the hair a rig set?
Is there any way to weight paint the clothes quickly? Like, some addon? Or 3ds max? Maya?

When I add some light in the scene, turn out all the material have been glossy, or some material that reflect like glossy plastic:

I have disconnected all the node but everything stayed the same, that made me understand why I put some diffuse node but everything stayed the same.

How to convert from Cycles to Eevee? I don’t know if I have to replace the materials and textures, but at what I saw, they didn’t change back to blank (the grey), but the same as Cycles, so I didn’t understand why it turned out like this:

Then I tried with Unreal engine. But when in Blender the model’s leg is like this

Well I had to reposition the sock because of the leg was not straight. But when I import it to UE4, turned out the leg IS somehow straight

So I don’t know how to make it right anymore. Please help me to understand and fix all of this.

Here is the file if you want to dig in:

Thank you.

For the hair… I think you should soften the weight paints. It should be a smooth transition between head and shoulder. There is a gradient tool and a blur brush…

THis may help you…
… with transferring weights from the body to the clothes.

Not sure about your problem with Unreal Engine.

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Thank you I’ll give it a try.

another question, the jacket (a mesh not cloth, and actually everything else) tears up when I move the bone. How to fix it?

Did you use that method for transferring weights from skin to clothes?

my apology, while waiting for the answer yesterday, I was trying to paint it… mesh by mesh… by hand, Looked at the nude model and copy how the weights were painted onto the clothes.