Several Questions about Blender

Hi there,
I’m a new user of Blender. I have some difficulties about using Blender:

  • How can I do this panel view instead of the original one:
  • How can I render with the mapped textures?Thank you very much.

There’s a nice tutorial on setting up the user interface here.

And with mapped textures, you have to unwrap your mesh first. But then you can add an image in the UV image editor and that will make it show up when you go into texture view. If you want it to render you have to add a material, hit texface (can bypass this but for now might as well put it on), then go and add that same image as a texture on your material. Then in the Map Input panel select UV instead of Orco. That should get you the results if you do it right. Good luck!

Thank you very much. I can split areas and render a object with textures now. But I don’t know how to select different vertices in different places at the same time. What should I do? :confused:

One thing I suggest you, is to have your squares dealed like so:

top camera
front side

instead of

front side
top camera

That is to correspond the NUM-keys NUM-7, NUM-1, NUM-3. (Of course NUM-0 will be mislocated.)