Several questions i need help with!

yeah, i know, not the most descriptive title in the world.

What i need help with, first of all, kind of off topic for blender, do any of you fellas know where i can find tutes for things like creating textures for uv mapping?

I mean making my own textures in paint programs like photoshop or paintshop pro, for a cartoonish blend. i just want cartoony facial features and stuff.

Also i am interested if perhaps their is a way of having a flowing cloak or something that reacts accordingly without having to rig it and animate in a flowing manner

One last thing is, light saber blades. I have gotten some ok results but i wanna know if anyone can do better. Also is there a better way to do blade trails than the motion blur?

thanks for the help (if i get any!) :smiley:

  1. you’re basically asking how to a) learn to draw b) how to use a paint prog. Answer: find a paint prog like Gimp or Pixia (Win only) and read the docs and help files to get comfortable, then google for drawing tuts (Tutorgig).

  2. No, not even in the best of progs. Any animation needs to be told by you how to animate. Cloth and fluid dynamics are at the birthing stage in blender (still in labour) and just taking its first steps in CGI in general.

  3. There are other ways (Afterglow plugin) like post processing. I hesitate to say that one way is better than others.


#3:Check out this thread for a way to do saber trails:

Actually a lot of the upper end programs have cloth dynamics now. Lightwave 8 just came out with them, there is obviously Maya Cloth, actually most of the upper end programs either have them built in or have a plugin available. But…Blender of course is not an upper end program, though I love it dearly.

Thanks for the feedback guys

Yeah the texture question was kind of stupid but i’m just not great in paint programs, ah well practice makes perfect.

Wow! thoses lightsaber trails are really cool! And i’m guessing everybody has made one at some stage. How did everyone else makes theirs? I actually used a subdivided line with halo settings and had a white and a coloured one for each saber but i’m wondering if their is a better way to model the blade. Also, does anyone know any cool material settings?

And in regards to the cloth, the way Blender is progressing so incredibly quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blender has some sort of Plugin to that effect shortly. Man, Blender must annoy the ppl that spend big bucks on things the 3ds max and Maya, coz we seem to be catching up :D. As far as Blender not being an upper end program, you can do a helluva lot worse and these days, its making amazing progress!

Anyway, thanks so far and any more help would be appreciated