several questions..?

k well i have a few quesitons about most of blender…but most of em are on rendering and things so thats why i put it here…(ima gonna put em’ in point form)

-whats Over Sampling??

-how do you get rid of ALL animations?

-if you want sounds can u bring in different file types??( it says u can only import WAV files…?)

-wats “field rendering”???

-is it possible to make a UVsphere have like flat sides???like lets say i have a sphere and i want most of the sides to become flat…and the opposite: lets say i have a plane and i wanna make some of the sides perfectly round is there a fast way top do so??

-is there a way to “extrude” a curve???(in edit mode u can see the curve but when rendered u cant see anything…cause its too “thin”?)

-if i wanna make a game how do i make a car NOT go through the walls if i make a jump and how do i make it “glide” through the air…(cause i always gotta hold the arrow to make it go foward in the air…and if i let go it stops and then falls…?)

-when i have a deep “crevis” it seems to always “stretch” the texture…is there a way to get rid of that??

-what are radiosity buttons…?

-it seems to happen often that alot of my faces or objects wont appear during “game play”

-and uhh how do u make spot lights look like “slits” like a ---- instead of a O (__=line O=circle…)

if i can get most of these questions answered i would appreciate it SOOO much i dont know wat i would do but i guess u can suggest something if u want…:stuck_out_tongue:

thx alot!! :smiley: :smiley: :spin::confused::rolleyes::eek:

A lot of questions. I’ll try to answer one

-whats Over Sampling??

It’s getting rid of the jaggies. It’s often called anti-aliasing in other applications. It’s also known as OSA. When you render a scene to a rasterized or bitmap format, you’re producing a rectangular grid of pixels. Over sampling does not simply compute the exact color at a pixel location, but it looks around the neighborhood of that pixel and computes the resulting color based on the colors in the area. That’s the simple explanation and not too precise.

For the second question, do you mean how to delete all the IPO curves? If so, then yes, in the IPO window, press A to select All and X to delete.

Field rendering has to do with preparing work for video, TV’s play video images in fields - two interlaced images at once. You can find out more about it elswhere, but that’s the quick answer.
Stretched texture: You’re unwrapping technique is causing it. Read some tutorials on uv mapping.
Missing faces in game play: Your normals are mixed up. Normals are the way the visible face displays. The computer does not know what your crate model or whatever is - it’s just a collection of faces, and therefor it does not know where it should point your normals. Read up on normals.
Radiosity is a complex rendering technique that is to much to cover here. In short, it mimics real world lighting, where light bounces off everything, and takes it’s color with it. A bright green wall reflecting light onto a piece of white paper, for example. Read up on radiosity.
I would suggest that you just read some basic tutorials, and a lot of these questions and lots more you’ll want answers to soon will be answered.

thanks guys so far! :D…and by animations i mean like u know when u press ANIM in the render window it renders the movements u have?..yea im wondering how to get ride of the animations from the ANIM button…(i dont want to over right em’) who it makes sense… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again alot