Several scenes in a single render (Beginner)

Hi! I wish you all a happy new year. :partying_face:

I’ve made a new tutorial to learn how to easily merge several scenes in a single rendered picture. This way, it is possible to get different lighting ambience such as a warm interior scene and a freezing outside night scene. As the scenes are separate, it is possible to use different environment maps for each of them (what is roughly impossible in a single scene as far as I know). Moreover, they can have different render settings or even use a different rendering engine.

To complete the description of what is possible with this tutorial, the different cameras that come into play are completely synced (transform + properties). So you can handly change the focal length, enable DoF, animate the camera and use a such technique in animations by modifying a single camera. A camera to rule them all!

You can find the video of the tutorial here (English version):

Notice that this tutorial is available in French as well (link in description if needed).

Thank you for watching! :slightly_smiling_face: