Several Textures into one?

Hello dear helpful community! I once need your help again!

Currently I have following issue: As you can see below there is a mario64 map with several textures/materials on the meshes. Like 5 - 10 different bitmaps. But now I want to pull all bitmaps/textures together into one. I tried several times with no success and even there’s are lots of theards about that they seems like to have not the same problem as I do somehow…

Thanks in advance! : D

since they’re repeating textures a texture sheet would be a good idea.
You can’t use the built in program mentioned there, but you can use photoshop/gimp to make them. Then you could just have it repeat across the various faces of your meshes.

hola senor happy friar, thanks for replying!

If I understood it right, texturesheet is a non-automatic job right? So everything by hand in photoshop? Well that’s not good to hear! And I thougt that would be easy as baking pie! Ah well… but still, I’m hopefully wait for alternative solutions! There must be a dynamic way!

it’s no harder then copying & pasting layers in photoshop. People have been doing it for years but never attached a special name to it. You take texture A, B & C & put them all in the same file.