Several UV maps for the same object?


My problem is as follows: I have a head object which has its own UV-mapped skin texture. Now, I’d like to make another UV-mapped texture for the eyelashes, which are part of the head object.

Every time I try to select just the eyelash faces and unwrap them, I get the full head object vertices mapped on the UV-window.

Now, I could just do the UV-mapping for all the parts of the head object on one map, but I’d rather keep these parts separate when possible.

I’m working my way through Mullen’s: Introduction to Character Animation with Blender, and the book gives the impression that this sort of separate UV-mappings for the same object should be possible. (if you have the book at hand, see pages 109-110)

You can add a texture (F5 twice) and put the Uv map as an image. Then go into the object’s material panel and set it to col or nor, or whatever really, and then Select UV instead of Orco in the map input that. You can add as many as you want of those.

actually, the limit is 10.

Whoops yea forgot about that limit… hope they update that soon for people needing more.

Thanks for the help guys.

However, I found out the solution for my troubles:
I needed to deselect the All Faces-option from
Save UV Face Layout -script options to get rid of the
other faces of the object.

Once again I was looking for a complicated solution
to a simple problem.