Several Video Templates Needed

We are looking for a professional blender artist who can create us ready-to-render video templates which will include picture animations (pictures textured on plane surfaces and animated). We need image placeholders which will be changed to real pictures by us. As an example you can check the link below.

We need several different templates, so please send us your rates per template basis as well as your questions if you have any.


I’m a newcomer to Blender but I believe I can provide you with what you require, however I need to clarify your specifications. I understand you want blank planes, ready to be textured, and in some sort of scene. Must they be animated, or can I have a still render? Also, do I need to add music? If so, can I just get a song that isn’t copyrighted and is allowed to be used for free. Finally should I make it so that the template can be opened and edited in Blender or in something such as After Effects (or both)? I’m eager to hear your reply and hope that you will give me this opportunity.

I could probably help, if this is still a thing. I’ve been using blender for a couple of years if that’s enough to be a professional blender artist. I also use almost all adobe programs fluently, also I know a little 3ds Max and a decent amount of Maya.