Sew lines? how to achieve?

Im in the middle of making a watch and Im pretty much almost done with the main modelling of the watch but I was wondering on how to achieve sew/sow lines. My theory is to use an array and a simple loop style string model and switch it from under and over(if that makes sense) and then on the actual “texture/plane” just sculpt in some indentations from the string. this would work I think but it sounds like it would take FOREVER and I only wanted this to be a day project. is there an easier way to achieve this? example of what I want below

Definitely do it with a texture, normal map should take care of this. You can create it with the normal map plugin in the Gimp.

Yeah i agree just UV unwrap then add in texture.

Here are modelled sewlines as quickly as I could make them. They are made as a mesh on one side and as a curve on the other. If you apply the arrays, you can easily “sculpt” individual parts to your liking.

Sewlines.blend (405 KB)

Here is quickie: just draw gray scale of stitch out (image a), convert it in to Normal map (image b). Apply Normal map texture to object. Then display it properly.


how do you draw it in blender ?

any video showing this ?

and i assume this is done with UVeditor here !

happy 2.5

@ ridix: You don’t need to convert your greyscale image to a normal map. Just add it as a bump map which will achieve the same results.