" Sew me up...please"

Here is an idea that i got yesterday and here is the result after 6 hours.I put it in the “work in progres” becouse…i dont know, i miss something in the pic so i can say “yeah, thats it :D” Hope u like it :smiley:


Looking good. Especially for being done relatively quickly.

Only crits are:

  • the size of the needle in comparison to the bear suggests that the teddy bear is less than an inch tall.

-the spectral spot on the head makes the bear lose the soft & fluffly look.

-You might want to change the ray mir propeties to fade to material color instead of sky color on the needle. It looks too blue.

-Maybe put a background in there? Such as the top of a bed and have the bear resting against the headboard/pillows?

but putting a nail in his hand looks bad >:)!!