Sewer BGE

Hello, i have been fiddling around with blender for some time now and want to learn to make half decent tracks and levels. Here are a few levels that i made, its just a basic walkthrough sewer game (Second level you have to push block in water to go on). All together it is pretty high poly, but the levels are short so it doesn’t matter to much.
Sorry i have no screenshots, i looked but i can’t find where i saved them to.
I need to learn to do better lighting and adding shadows ECT. but thats all part of the process.
If you dont like the link below tell me and ill upload it to somewhere else.
(the file is 6.24 MB)

Haha, just put an alternative footstep sound and it will be pretty cool! Random pitch between limited range for example. I’m having some hard time with the mouse movement but it’s probably only my computer screwing up your work!

Love your goo texture by the way :slight_smile:

Awsome, i think the mouse movement is your computer, because it works fine on mine.