Sewer (not for WC)

I really like the sewer idea :slight_smile: so I am going to try my own thing now I know I wont finish it in time for the WC… anyways it seems a bit empty any ideas on what to add in there?

Btw rats are coming soon :slight_smile:

look pretty cool, maybe an bigger image so we can see better :wink:

Is there any water, if not add some, if yes then make it more dark :D…

Maybe a lader to get out of the sewer…anyway great job!

it looks a little washed out maybe you turn down your lighting a little

I like I like! :o

It’s reminding me of a mellow tube station… I’m picturing moving blurs of people… ‘Radiohead - A Reminder’ anyone?

I love the … whiteness… erm… like your looking back at some memory…

wow! kickass! i like the lighting a lot.

i couldnt get your URL to work though, maybe post a bigger rendoer?

well due to the fact the scene got me more then mad I decided to leave it alone…

its not the same render… although the small render is in yafray…and this one is in blender…