Here is a sewer picture that i’ve been working on. I posted it in Focused critique befor but i’m quite pleased with it now and think that it’s finished. I hope you will enjoy it.


i think the halo init is a bit too strong. That copper looking texture is too big, it should be shrunk a bit. The overall darkness inside of there should be slightly increased using a low hemni light perhaps… because the reflection off the water should light up the walls and the rest of the water a bit more then that(if it were real life anyways), so you may as well create the same effect in the render. The metal above the ladder on the right looks more like plastic then it does metal. I would consider doing something with it :slight_smile:
I’m not quite sure if this idea would work on this particular render but maybe giving it a tiny bit of mist, to give it a distance\real-life look to it so its not as cartoonish.

Why does the grate the light shines through in the roof not cast shadows onto the grimy water?

thats why i said he needs to lower his spot lights down by 0.3 energy or so and make a hemni light at 0.3 energy or so. :wink: