sex 'n violence in the media??

this mostly applies to media in the USA as far as I know (though I haven’t seen any mass media aside from Japan’s, so I wouldn’t really know)

the question I am posing, however, is: why is violence portrayed as more acceptable than sex? kids get violence all the time, but any hint of sex is immediately quelled by mobs of angry parents. what gives? a great example: the hot coffee mod in GTA:SA. why does anybody give a sh*t about a little nudity in a game loaded with obscene amounts of crime and violence? everyone has a body, why are we so intent on hiding them? sex is something that has to happen or we’d go extinct, why is it portrayed as evil? sure, we might want to watch birthrates, we’re already badly overpopulated, but the sheer prude-ness of the media is obscene.
another conundrum: if all this is true, how come people are okay with using sex to sell things? I’m confoozled…

this was a prompt for an english paper I had to write, but I’m stumped, so I ended up having to say that I didn’t know; but now I cannot rest until I know the answer, dammit! any ideas?

Yeah, I’d say our media’s standards are driven by the desire to make massive amounts of money, but keep a clean public image- often mutually exclusive…

On the other hand, there have been some slips- why on Earth was the movie “Airplane” rated “PG”? Nudity, bad language, drug use- “PG”? Go figure!

The long term concept is about control. Think about it.

Because, possibly, GTA wasn’t made for kids, but kids played it anyways?

Besides, you can learn from violence, you can’t learn anything from sex except that it feels good and how to have it.

Tynach: good point, but my question is why the violence that kids would see in GTA is all right, while the sex is not? and if you can’t learn anything from sex, why is it portrayed as bad, while violence, from which you can only learn to be violent, is fine?


Think about it.
what, you want me to do all the work? ^^;

So, how do you keep the chipmunks out of your stuff (if that’s what you are into?) Remember when you were a child? You were not stupid, it was always fun to bypass your parents, snickering as you did so.

Well this happened to me in the weekend . . . or rather what I witnessed. So I was in my in this park recreational facility - just chillin’ after my run.
Then there was a bit of arguing behind my car. It got my attention.
There was a couple - a lady in her fifties and a gentleman in early forties. Both appeared to be the local lower class citizens. The lady was plastered from her drink (beer) which she had gently placed on the side of the road and she was totally provoking the bloke who just wanted to get away from her. She made out a scene so the guy was forced to head back to where they parked their car, he sprinted to the car chased by the lady - ever seen a rather obese bloke run fast on the tarsealed on his bare soft soles. It was funny! He was grabbed by the waist by the lady so he whacked her a few to get her off him - her mouthing off all the while.
Then he grabbed a jack lever from the car which made her sprint to my direction where she mouthed off a few to him. To cut the story short - he walked off with the jack lever away from the car - follow by her in her car at some distance - yes she was drunk in there. She took her beers with her too!
So why did I not step in to stop the domestic violence or a drunk driver ? I have my reasons.

The reason sexuality in media isn’t a good idea is because it encourages promiscuity in marriage, and something else called LUST. Lust (yes, i know you know the word, but do you know what it means?) is sort of like sex-gluttony. The desire for just more and more, just for the sake of having more. The sexuality in media encourages this. Also, a lot of people do freak out over violence. (e.g., Jack Thompson)

Man, it seems like you don’t need the media, just take a walk in the park!

in japan the crime rate is 0.10% of what it is in the USA, yet they consume more violent content and porn than any other people per capita .

Yet here in America we blame porn and our entertainment industry on the problem’s of violence and sexual assault in America.

We can watch an Autopsy of a semi decayed corpse , yet we cannot see naked live people.

During dinner time the Pharmaceutical companies are welcome to advertise things, with side effects like “Oily discharge”, and "erectile dysfunction ".

Yet, If someone on PBS wants to show off some old artwork, by some of the masters, it has to be labeled as “Obscene”, and to be ware of your children watching this content.

In america in some states it is still illegal for children under the age of 14, to have knowledge of their own reproductive system.

In the USA, in every state, it is illegal to distribute literature to children that have subjects containing Rape,Sodomy, Genocide , Racism ,Zionism, and ritualistic mutilations, Yet there is no arrests of people distributing “the bible” to some public schools it is even offered as a course.

The days of book burning should have ended years ago.
Why cant we just understand that all things exist, and at one point or another we will all witness something that is unpleasant.
At that point we should all feel proud because we do have the freedom to turn our heads and look the other way, turn the channel , or just not listen to it at all.

The way things are going, there will be only a few dictating what is proper, and what is not.
Artists will be repressed, and so will science.
What is beautiful will be decided for you.
What is not will be hidden from you.

Because it’s against the 10 commandment’s(premarital). o wait that’s right Jesus said to put down the sword… Um maybe because they beat there children I think it’s just as bad but people are ignorant ,

So you want Bible distributers and teachers to be ARRESTED?

Way to try to push for the China level of persecution against Christians.:no:

I get it now, next thing you’ll want to build concentration camps and round up every Christian in the country to try to force them to abandon God.

it because americans are violent. we were created from violence, expanded by the use of violence, became a world power with the use of violence, sustain power with violence, and violence is what we do best.
we are a violent nation whether we want to accept it or not.

think about it, our national athem is about an epic battle that was fought,

“the rocket’s red glare ,the bombs bursting in air”?
we invented almost all automatic weapons,
we have a military that is second to none
we pour money into military devolopment
in fact we achieved the holy grail of military weapons that had been pursued for centuries, the ability to level entire cities, and possibly countries in a single blast. weve been on the forefront of nuclear technology ever scince we made it a reality.

think about america’ additude toward warfare and violence, take the iraq war. every other nation saw it to be a disater, and would have pulled out far sooner than we would have even considered the idea. blow after crushing blow we stood up and brought the fight to the enemy, sure we complain about it, but were still there in full military force. and when things look bleak, do we run? OF COURSE NOT! were americans! we instead surge forward with a massive troop surge and knock our enemies off their feet.

why we accept violence is becuase after 200 plus years of one major war after another, it has become part of who we are, wether we realize it or not. and its becuase every american knows within themselves, that once we give up the fight, we will collapse and die, simply too many people want us destroyed, if its not the europeans its the asians and if not them its the africans and the middle easterners.

people hate us becuase we were suppose to be a pawn, the new world was suppose to be a place for the old world (eastern hemisphere) to freely expand their borders and power. they never would have guessed the new world would break off and take over as the only super power. so of couse as soon as we did, they wanted to destroy us, and every reason has been born from that.
ever since our first minute as a nation we have been at war with the some of the world’s most powerful armies. weve battled england, russia, japan, germany and countless others.
its in our nature to be violent, and its wrong of you to judge us for it becuase you arent hated by 75% of the known world. Sex is something that has always been censored for us, it has alot to do with alot of american’s shy approach to sex, other country explore sexuality more freely, some countries eat goat testicles. it all has to do with what a culture considers acceptable.

bottom line
violence has always been both a proud and glorious part of american culture, thats why we love first person shooters, GTA, RPGs, and racing games where the car explodes.
sex has been on the darker side of american culture, we accept it, but only behind a locked door when no one accidently would walk in.
if you dont understand our culture, dont attack it. if the world stopped attacking us then we might let the war flow out and the love flow in:eyebrowlift:

You know, you saying this does not serve a purpose at all. As the old saying goes, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. (Although it should be modified to be “if you don’t have anything useful to say…”)

So you want Bible distributers and teachers to be ARRESTED?

You guys wrote the rulebook… how dose it feel when the rules bite you in the ass?
Yes if the rules say, no books containing incest, then no bible…

If the rules say that those who distribute such literature, should be labeled as sex offenders,rabble rouser’s,perverts,and other oddities , I say So be it.

Some time Irony rocks.

Short answer is control. If there were no negative stigma attached to sex it couldn’t be controlled.

This is why words like slut and whore were invented.

Even with the negativity it’s still not as controlled as those who want to control it would like to have it be controlled.:confused:

Why would it need to be controlled?

Insecurity, population control, power of individuals…etc.

I have a million and one thoughts about this swirling in my mind right now so I’ll just throw this out:

There’s a book named Prometheus Rising. Read it!

As for violence… If pacifism were to be taught to our children then who would fight the adults’ wars.

No real clue as to why this is so. Look at India… a country with the second largest population in the world (maybe largest) treats sex and public display of affection as taboo (read what happened when Richard Gere kissed Indian actress Shilpa Shetty)…

So you actually want to ban the Bible?

That is terrible Mmph! Most Christians would say your opinion is downright terrible to have.

That’s not what he’s saying at all, CD. You - I swear to god - need to learn how to read between the lines very badly. Sometimes I dunno whether to support you, because i respect your dedication and drive to create, and sometimes i want to throttle you for just being so doggone thick. Let us not plunge this thread into religion - no one says one more damn word…

But the context of the rape, sodomy, genocide, etc is important. When i was in highschool (HIGHSCHOOL for cryin’ out loud) one of the teachers was suspended for some time because he brought it a book to read wherein was mentioned the terms “mother rapers” and “father rapers”. These were words that one of the characters had said and they spoke volumes about the character. Some douchebag ratted on him apparently, and it came as a shock to pretty much everyone in his classes.

As far as the media is concerned i wish they would just throw caution to the wind and play whatever the hell they thought people would watch. You’d immediately see two types of channels emerge, and I think TV would be better for all viewers due to it. Every time i hear some story about some parent getting offended over what their little kid had to learn in school or what they saw in a game or movie or whatever, it makes me wish i could walk up to them and just tell them to sit down a shut up. so what if a bunch of people will get upset if you have a TV channel that allows full frontal nudity all day? Those aren’t your customers, obviously. Why should you pay any attention at all to what they think?

“ooooh, the children will watch the channel when their parents don’t know it!!” Well no shit, Sherlock. A) kids don’t do things in front of their parents they know their parents wouldn’t approve of. B) how is it any worse than the secret hidden copy of penthouse and playboy they have, the scrambled porn they watch or National Geographic? How could it POSSIBLY corrupt them more than the internet? It can’t. If you don’t want your kids doing something don’t let them. If your kids do it behind your back and you catch them PUNISH YOUR KIDS NOT ME. Your kid playing the Hot Coffee mod? take away their PC / Game / etc. People need to learn how to take responsibility for their own actions. they also need to learn that their fragile emotions are not the most important thing in the world, and if they get their feelings hurt there is an important truth they can take comfort in: No one on this planet gives a rat’s ass.

Banning the Bible should not be a consideration, though given the proselytizing nature of those who study it, it’s tempting. However, if you allow the Bible to be taught by educational institutions it would mean that every other religion would need to get equally play time:yes:. And who the heck wants to learn from the Church of Flying Spaghetti.

But lets bring this topic back on track, shall we;)