SF scene

Hi folks.

SF scene, maybe in space or on a planet.
Still a a lot of work to do.

Interesting design so far! I really like the style of those beams.

I realised while modeling many details on the metallic structure that my main goal was to make an interior scene, which we don’t see the exterior at all… Sometimes it’s good to establish a precise plan about what to model or not. Anyway, I will make 2 versions this: 1 with big glass (plexi or something) walls, and 1 with small windows but most part of interior stuff.
Still details to come: metallic grid on floor, some cables running under it, cables, tubes and ventilation ducts. I like messy indoors, look more like reality of a working place.

Working still on, not so much time now.
This pic show a possible way for the final mood: I think about a dry red land, like Mars, with some sand, dirt and rocks, diffuse reddish skylight contrasting with white-blue-green color of interior lights.

with what looks like a deliberately lightweight structure it might also be a good part for an interstellar vessel of the hard sci-fi kind.

Yes, maybe like the spaship in the old movie “The Black Hole”? The idea of a space version of this is not dead. Maybe time will decide.