SF tank/APC/whatever (not really sure what it would be)

Ok, started this, and thought I would post what I had so far. No textures yet. Tell me what you think (be brutal, that is how I improve.)

I am thinking of changing out the spikes on the wheels for fixed razors.


It looks cool. Maybe you should add some cocpit :).

smoothing ! :smiley:

aye, smoothing. It looks like it has some triangles too. The wheels look like they are separate objects from the body itself, making a weird collision. But yes, smoothing will help a bunch

Smoothed, added the beginning of a cockpit (there will be control panels in front of all the chairs) rendered with AO

The tris you saw were errors in the BI renderer. Everything is a separate object.


Added control panels and big screen in cockpit
Switched out spikes on wheels for blades on the sides (what good would spikes do anyway
Fixed a few things that were messed up
Edited wheels to make them look cooler

please crit!!!