didn’t know what to do… then, it was the time for an abstract :slight_smile:

blender + yafray

Thumbnail (click me!):

Wow, that’s a very interesting idea, and the colours are really nice.
One thing - it’'s slightly wonky, I’m afraid!

tnx xarton, but one thing, what the hell does it mean “wonky”??? :smiley:

Wonky? Well, it’s just… wonky… :wink:

Basically, either the camera is misaligned with the sphere or it is not looking directly at it. I can see more red on the right-hand side of the sphere than the left, which rather spoils its symmetry!

the thing that strikes me about this image is why is the reflection repeating so much on the ball? Surely for such an effect you need to have the box reflective as well.

That’s all well and good, but what does it mean? :slight_smile:

oh… wtf! i didn’t notice at all!

@moley: yep, behind the camera there is a reflective plane.

@StrikerMunc: tnx. btw it’s a simple and abstract representation of an abstract composition :slight_smile:

good job Darko, i think its a great piece, if you can fix the slightly skew camera, or whatever it is that would be great, but honestly until it was pointed out i didn’t notice. I’ve also recently been experimenting with abstract compositions, and i tihnk its great, that way you can test out features, and if you screw up the picture still looks good, most of the time. my only suggestion is that maybe you put a little more into the picture, and try makeing a couple of diff. versions, because this one looks a bit empty right now.