sflender 2.5


thank you emilio!!!

can’ t understand what i’m doing wrong…
i cant obtain nothing clear, i always get someting like handdrawed.
can you point me in the right direction?
i’ve tested the script with blender 2.37 also and it often crashes.
in 2.36 it works fine.


Can you send me a copy of your Blend file by mail^, its on my web page. Im fixing again and it will be nice to test with your mech.



emilio, i’ve looked at your example swfs and I’m looking forward to using sflender for my next personal website in 6 months time.

your efforts are greatly appreciated. You’re effectively creating a bridge between blender and web design. :smiley:

[email protected] sent, i hope you can get better results than mine.

I’m a complete noob with blender - I’ve peeked at the interface and drooled over the results of others :slight_smile:

I know flash and python pretty well tho, so find the idea of sflender really cool!

Hope to see more happening with flender and think you’re doing something really cool Emilio! :smiley: