Sflender 2.6 (SWF exporter) still for Blender V2.36

It is Appels algorithm not Apples :slight_smile:


Explains a great deal of what you want to know,


straight Appel or enhanced?


Ok thank you for the link :expressionless:

better silhouettes , like the ones in the pdf file would be a dream :slight_smile:

thank you


and I think this can benifit other projects.

I’d also like to request that the ability to render just silhouettes be added. It’d be nice to have an alternative to Blender’s edge rendering. Even just a sequence of images that could later be overlayed using the sequencer would be a great boon.

Awesome news!

Many thanks for the great work you are doing.


This is going to be good.
Sflender is great script that I did not want to see disappear.I’ve being trying to get my animation in 2.41 to work with 2.36(which doesn’t work too good BTW.)just to use this script,so I’m glad your working on it again.

Thank you

I would liike two thing.

#1 and most important the abilty to keep the 3d window at whatever size you want but still have the swf animation or still render out to the size you designate in the script’s interface or in the blender render button window. I kept getting those blue blocks until emilio determined it was becasue I had the 3d window at a smaller size the the designated resolution of the render. Having and 800X600 Max screen res on my machine makes this imperative.

#2 some type of progress bar to let you know that the machine is not frozen while its rendering.

#3 and this should be easy the ability to move the scripts interface around with ctrl or shift LEFTMOUSE BUTTON just as you can do most blender windows. I know somone implemented this in another script that was introduced here but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. I think it was the latest discombobulator. But I will check my previous post to be sure. I made a big deal about that feature becasue I have and 800X600 screen and its teadious to go back and forth from a full screen 3d window to a full screen script interface window. The way that the author of the script that did that explained what he did seems really simple but then I am not and Python wizard either so I probably could not code it.

emillio have you abandoned this?

awe, man, you bumped this old thread. I thought there was a new version :blush:


For those who want to use Sflender, here you can find a fixed version which also works with the new Blender release:

Have fun with it!



I’m totally new to Blender and got the latest final version (2.42a) installed on a Windows box, with no extra Python installation. So, just Blender out of the box.

I’ve downloaded the SWF export plugin from Emilo’s page and saved it into the “.blender/.scripts/” folder.

Now I’ve loaded a simple Blender file (Plant.blend or that like from the gallery site I think) and opened the file/export/Sflrender menu. Then the plugin’s config window appears. I can change the various options in the “Render” and “Sequencer” tab but I can’t go to the “Export” tab. When I do, there’s an error (Python script error, check cmd line) which reads:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 5526, in draw
ValueError: The maximum length of a string is 399, your value is too high.

So I tried the above linked fixed version of the script.
With it I can go to the “Export” tab of the plugin’s config window. When I finally press the “Export SWF” button, however I got tons of this message lines in the cmd windows:

Mathutils.MatMultVec(): Deprecated: use matrix * vec to perform column vector multiplication

This looks like warnings, not errors. Can I ignore them?

OMG Creative_MB02 !!!


this is one of the most asked about scripts on the #blenderchat IRC channel.

Can someone please send BLenderNation a message aout this release? I think they are only reporting on how to search YouTube about blener, I think they could use a good story like this one :slight_smile:

trying to open the page …

I get the same warning as Albrecht i.e.

“Mathutils.MatMultVec(): Deprecated: use matrix * vec to perform column vector multiplication”

BUT the swf file exports anyway. The only thing is that when I display a swf animation of the default blender screen(a cube,one lamp and a camera) in ifranview, the displayed animation kept flashing from a grey cube on white background to a white cube on a black background. I do not know if this is a bug or just something to do with my computer’s video chip.

In any case THANKS to Creative MB02 for keeping this script alive. I know emillio has probably moved on to other things in real life now that he is out of college,as so many python coders do. But its nice to see that someone has kept this excellent and useful script going.

Made some changes, didnt dig into the inner working too far, or change large parts of it, juts updated to the current Blender release and- heres the changelog.

Iv done some tests of course but its possible I have broken some part of this script.

Modifications made by campbell barton

* Faster dict useage for silhouette’s

* dict loop optimizations

* removed custom color picker, use blenders instead

* dont throw errors on zero area faces

* dont get convert object data just to check its type

* better type checking

* use // as the default path to work on more OS’s

* dont raise errors on zero area faces

* dont raise errors on null materials in the mesh materia list.


Glad to see you back Cambo. From what I read on your website I though you had given up blender.

I just saw this… now does this export videos into swf format?? or what…

Hey cambo, great to see some updates to sflender. But I can’t get any output with your modifed version, always get this error…

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "&lt;string&gt;", line 5553, in bevent
  File "&lt;string&gt;", line 4766, in SWFRender
  File "&lt;string&gt;", line 3034, in DrawObjects
TypeError: Mathutils.DotVec(): expects (2) vector objects of the same size

Sflender’s a verctor renderer. You can use ffmpeg if you are wanting to make your videos/renders into a flv (flash video format).

N30M, I cant reproduce this error,

D = -1 * DotVecs(n,Vector(mverts[0][0],mverts[0][1],mverts[0][2],1.0))

Both vectors are always 4d in this case (from my tests) and I cant see how the normal (n) could be resized - But since the line numbers match it looks like your running the right script ;).

Can anyone else reproduce this bug?

A while back I was interested in making flash from Blender and managed to pipe a PNG seq to autotrace to soem vector format and then into an SWF… Results were more useable then Sflander IMHO because its just a trace of the image and therefor lighting etc works the same as in Blender.
With toon shading and nodes, one could set up a scene to render with few colors that would trace well.
main problem was that autotrace’s results wernt 100%, some visible problems with the algo were visible.

SHABA1, maintaining a web site is not that interesting to me, with scripts being released posting on the forums, making CVS logs and then website updates… People ended up using the wrong scripts and I didnt want to have to keep updating the website for changes made elsewhere… so now I try to make scripts that can go into Blenders CVS for others to use, failing that for others, just post on the forums.