sflender2.5 BETA (SWF exporter) blender 2.36 only...(BUGFIX)

ONLY FOR BLENDER 2.36 (for now ! :wink: testing on 2.37)


This is the new and better version of sflender.


  • GUI redesign (using blender width, height, aspect x and y)
  • FOVY bug fixed
  • new render types
  • Multiple shadows that really work
  • Better silhouettes (silhouette lines, material lines, shape lines)
  • New flare option (simulating gradient rendering)
  • COMPRESS swf files (with the zlib for SWF version 6.0)


  • Testing and debugging on Blender 2.37
  • Tutorial
  • Text
  • Adding some NPR Strokes (instead of simply lines)

So test it and give me your comments.



Dear Emilio,

Shadows are cool, but it is not good that You don’t get a Blenders render parameters SizeX, SizeY, AspX, AspY. I write about this feature last time =( Your script will be perfect with this.

Please think about it.

Hi Emilio,
Nice work. But I’ve never gotten any shadows…:frowning:
I used my file and your logo2.blend. All lamp’s shadow buttons are turned to off. I tried to set Z pass and Z Fail, but they only made rendered images more darker.
What’s wrong?

Sorry I didn’t make my self clear in the web page. If you don’t turn OFF the Buf.Shad Button all lamps will cast shadows, ONLY the lamps that have this button turn ON will CAST shadows, so you have to turn ON at least one of them.


Thank you Emilio. but I’ve never gotten shadows yet…I tried with logo2.blend(no changed). I have no idea.
If you can, please show me .sfp file of the logo2.blend to test it.

and my enviroment.

  • WindowsXP + nVidia ForceWare 66.93
  • Python2.3.4 Installed.
  • Blender2.36



I have an old 233Mhz computer with no graphics card and my script doesn`t use the full Python installation only the standard Blender.
I run also on Windows XP.

To display shadows for example: create and object (cube) and a plane as the surface where the shadows will be casted. Select the FLAT render type ( or SHADE, TOON) and the ZPASS technique to cast shadows. And that’s it, click on Preview button and the shadows should be there.
The shadows technique that I use require the Stencil Buffer for creating
the shadows. Because I don’t have a Graphics Card, I don’t know if there is a restriction using the Stencil Buffer.
But I will try to make some test in another computer soon and if I found something I will let you know.


Thank you for information. Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten yet, but I’ll try to find a solution of the problem.


Ok, this script looks kind of interesing. Going to have to have a look. :wink:

Render size keeps getting resized to a very narrow aspect. If I change an option the W: input is set to 16? when I press preview.

Output to TGA is upside down? If I render a preview and press TGA the image shows rolled 180’.

Shadows are fine. Look good. Using a single shadow-mapped spot I get shadows as expected.

Is there any way to set aliasing? Getting some very jagged edges.

This is a great script. Although, I have to admit, I have some pretty tight controls set to keep active-x from running, the fact that SWF files are vectors and can be displayed in a resizable window makes the option attractive. Right now I have to say the biggest dectractor to the script would be jagged edges. If I could smooth the edges I’d be a lot happier, maybe I’m missing something. Keep it up, this is a very good idea. :smiley:

Wow There is someone here that has an older computer then I do. I did not even know you could run XP on a 233mhz machine.


Wow There is someone here that has an older computer then I do. I did not even know you could run XP on a 233mhz machine.[/quote]

You’re right! It’s not a 233mhz it’s a 450Mhz and yes you could run XP but it’s frustrating (Hope in two months I will be able to save money to buy another one).
I`m working in some fixes for:

  • Render multiple shadows correctly.
  • Better and smoother silhouttes (under development)
    AS soon I have something I will post it.

excuse me if i resurrect an old post, but there are news about this nice script?

i’m wondering if

  • Better and smoother silhouttes (under development)

is a definitive solution about edges :slight_smile:
please keep it up!

I’m still working on this, I will post version 2.5 in two weeks. I’ll need to fix a bug, finish the silhouette modifications and change the GUI.


Great work!!! now just missing gradients :slight_smile:

PS: posted this as a news on the german community Blendpolis too:

thank you for the quick answer

Check this out!

the msg when render your logo2.blend( ‘Export->export swf’ only):

Rendering Frame: 1 ... 12.02 sec.
Rendering Frame: 2 ... 12.48 sec.
Rendering Frame: 3 ... 12.87 sec.
Rendering Frame: 4 ... 14.11 sec.
Rendering Frame: 5 ... 16.81 sec.
Rendering Frame: 6 ... 15.30 sec.
Rendering Frame: 7 ... 14.51 sec.
Rendering Frame: 8 ... 15.41 sec.
Rendering Frame: 9 ...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "S2flender 2.5.py", line 4906, in bevent
  File "S2flender 2.5.py", line 4283, in SWFRender
  File "S2flender 2.5.py", line 3071, in DrawObjects
    ri,gi,bi = buff2[idx],buff2[idx+1],buff2[idx+2]
IndexError: array index out of range

Thanks for your bug report. I already fix the problem please download again the script. http://www3.sympatico.ca/emilio.aguirre/



Any news? The script seems work but use some depreciated methods.

if you export the .swf, it close blender and make a microsoft error report message :frowning:


Dienben. Are you using this script with Blender 2.40 or 2.37?? If so it will not work.

i’m also interested in some piece of news about tis script.
as usual ready to test