SFM to Blender: Building Another Bridge, HWM Flexes in Blender

Hey to all blender artists! I’ve made a tutorial explaining how you can import source engine models, and how to add HWM flexes! All of this is made possible by my script. This means that you have almost the exact same control over faces like you would in SFM. Posing the TF2 Heavy’s face, or any source model face (that has HWM flexes) has never been easier.
HWM Flexes in Blender
My script repository

Not EVERY model is supported, but I can confirm that every TF2 character works. Most of the workshop models that I have tested also work, but I am still working on the script so that everything can be accounted for. Make sure to follow the rules of the workshop item’s creator’s rules that they establish.

Well, I grabbed the files then I made the mistake of going to YouTube…maybe if I turn off the sound I will be able to follow the procedure as I have been using the SFM tools for years now…I think you guys were just having TOO MUCH FUN…:wink:

Thanks for the Scripts!! Not sure about the vid :wink: