SGI Octane R10000 MP / IRIX 6.5

I have a question for current IRIX / Blender fanatics.

How well does blender run on IRIX, and if you know, how well will it run on an SGI system with the following config:

SGI Octan R10000 MP
2 x 250 mhz
256 Mb Ram
2 x R10K , 1 Mb secondary cache , EMXI graphics

Would it be worth my money?
It’s selling for EUR 500.


the netherlands

Well…as a “Computer” fanatic :slight_smile: I can at least
imagine that 2 x 250 mhz aint much - even by risc standards.

That machine would have been absolutely ROCKING
if we had one 10 years back.

Now it’s just a blast from the past - the machine
I dreamed about but only the rich boys could afford.
“The skeleton of lost love in the past”,

SGI was never there for me :confused:

Ok…down to business,

From what I know - the machine has pretty decent
OpenGL performance on Polygons, but low on

In other words, you’d probably be able to model
some nice models with this machine, and play
around with the pride-from-the-past. It’s an Icon…
no doubt about that…and you can brag to your
fellow graphicians that you’ve actually OWNED
a Sillicon Graphics…but that is as much use you
will get out of it I guess.

Your 500 euro is better spent on an AMD XP 2500-
3200 with 1 Gig of ram and a decent motherboard
with a cheap Nvidia 5600-5900xt series card
and it will bring the SGI beast to the graveyard
by comparison.

Personally I’d buy one just for the heck of it
later when someone gets a bite of reality and
sell it off for commodore-64-museum prices :slight_smile:
more like 50 bucks or something.

Take care,

I agree with JoOngle, it’s better to spend your money on a fast PC. Silicon Graphics Workstations are like a lightsaber, an elegant weapon from a more civilized age :).

I’ve got 2 SGIs (an O² and an old Personal Iris), they’re of sentimental value to me.

Another aspect is that these Workstations are pretty noisy (OK, I’m trying to imitate that effect on my PC but most users don’t like loud computers ;)).

This machine makes a good web server or an elegant door stop :D.

made in 1998, with 64 bits architecture, it’s a very good machine, i’ve got a R10 000 too :stuck_out_tongue:

500 euros it"s a little expensive, do you sell the screen too ??

you could e-bay one 4 less than 500bucks :smiley:
10 years ago they would cost u a couple of thousands
blender runs really well on irix
but it is out of date and sloooow(blender only recognizes one cpu), but stable

your better off getting the stuff allready mentioned
I recently spend Eur 300,- on one of my pcs and got a 2200xp, 1gig ram and a nvidiaMX440 with 126mb along with a K7mobo
together with linux and the right driver its graphix-behavior is amazing
I also got a 2nd hand 21" eizo for 120?. I would not change this for the sgi…no way!!

even with the 2cpu, rendertimes with the sgi will propably be…
if its going to be your only workstation forget it, if you want to mess around a bit or model while you render, buy it.
but you also need a sgi monitor, you know that?

Hey thanks for the info everyone,

Eventhough i’ve got a serious weakspot for old classic machines i think i won’t be buying this one.

greetings, smn.