"Shade smooth" doesn't work on model imported from Maya

As the title says, I’m trying to use “shade smooth” command on a model imported from Maya but it doesn’t have any effect. The shading remains flat. I’ve imported the model as an obj and as alembic but the result is the same. What could cause the issue?

Check the Geometry Data section of the Object Data Properties. It may have custom split normals you’ll have to clear.


I cleared the data but it didn’t work :frowning:

Is Autosmooth turned on? If so have you played with the angle?

Are the edges all split from each other or something weird?

I don’t know why but turning off autosmooth solved the problem! :smiley: Thanks!

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Something I have same issues. I have many old models in C4D which I import in Blender, also use Zbrush and Moi … On the other side C4D also have issues sometime when import modes ( mostly done in Max )… I guess that this is not “exclusive” Blender feature. After all, software are very different under the hub.
btw. Same model sometime appear differently depending of file format… I mostly use fbx. these days, mostly get better result than in obj.

You might also have duplicate vertices from the import. Try selecting all vertices in edit mode and merge by distance.

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