Shaded halos?

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t the “shaded” button under the “halo” material mode shade the halos in some way? What am I doing wrong? PLEASE, I’M SICK OF THIS D:

It seems to work for me…
In this picture you can see that the halo material is white, but when I render the halo result is orange because I have enabled shaded and set my light color to orange. It is mainly a way to globally change the color of a bunch of halos you might already have set up. OR say a halo object moves into a tunnel that has blue lighting and you want the halos to tint to that. I’m not sure how you could cast a shadow on to a halo however?


Ah, I see… Thank you, good sir. I guess halos do not, in fact, accept shadows, from everything I’ve seen.