shaded/textured view and image texture trouble

I am trying to use images as texture maps on some objects.

I imported the objects (material regions and all) from another program. I re-assigned the texture maps (and fiddled with shader properties). Everything renders up fine.

However, in the shaded view - my object looks like the preview has ignored the UV mapping, so that the image is applied to everything, and ends up looking scrambled. When I switch to the textured view, I just get a white, washed out object. And the solid and wireframe views work as expected (showing no textures).

Any advice on how to get the preview to agree with what is to be rendered? Any ideas on what is going on in the textured view?

Thanks in advance

To view textures on a model in texture mode, they must be UV mapped.


The objects are UV mapped, and when I go into face select mode and look at the UV window - it shows the appropriate UV mapping.

Do I need to connect the mapping to the texture somehow? Because at render time, the textures are applied properly. It is only in the preview they don’t seem to line up correctly.

ok - found out I had to not just re-link the image to the material, but load the material into the UVeditor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to correspond very well to the rendered version.

also - I noticed that some parts of the object (in this case teeth in a mouth or eyes in a head) seem to poke out in the 3D view - is there anything that can be done about this?

Thanks again