shaded UV texture in viewport

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I am looking for any way to display the model in viewport both shaded and UV textured. As far as I know, UV textured material with image texture is being displayed using flat shading, that means constant lighting. Is it possible to display it with with respect to dynamic lighting /as in shaded mode/ with the image texture, in the way similar to game engine textured mode rendering? :confused:

edit: considering only pre 2.5 versions, 2.49 for example

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I believe you are looking for GLSL.


3dementia: thanks! yeah the effect I am looking for can be achieved with GLSL materials… the problem is, that I need as much compatibility as possible, as I need it to work on computers that dont have required 3d drivers/cards for GLSL; these are still capable of realtime rendering in blender engine with the features I need. so I was wondering, whether there is any possibility to use the “drawtype” simillar to game engine in viewport, or any other solution…