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Please check out my new website. In it, you can download my games (not downloadable yet, though) and animations. Feel free to browse…!

Comments are welcome…

Why do my quicktime movies not download “live”?? By this I mean that you should be able to see how much you have downloaded and preview the allready downloaded stuff, as with any normal qiucktime movie on the net.

My movies just wait untill the entire movieclip has been downloaded, before the quicktime interface even appears!!


Thank you.


(Timothy) #2

you rock!

(xype) #3

probably your server doesn’t support quicktime streams

(Pablosbrain) #4

For quicktime movies you have to make them progressive movies… I use cleaner 5 ez that came with my premiere but I’m sure there is other software out there.

(Caronte) #5

Nice works! :wink:

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(iluvblender) #7

yummy :smiley:

(VelikM) #8

You have AUTOPLAY=FALSE in the movie page attributes, try setting it to TRUE, setting it to FALSE overrides the browser settings and always loads the whole file before playing.
Nice job!

(S68) #9

Rally cool


(Monkeyboi) #10

Thanks for the comments.

However, it’s not the Autoplay function. I tried changing that(no difference). As for it being something to do with the way the movie file is encoded - well, I tried uploading a different movie from another website (that I knew worked) and, alas, still no progessive download…

Could it really have something to do with the server type? I didn’t think it made a difference.

What do you think?

(VelikM) #11

There is a QT server for true streaming video. AUTOPLAY=FALSE over rides a browers default settings (thats out of the QT doc’s) AUTOPLAY has to be set TRUE for it to AUTOPLAY (again out of the QT doc’s), if your browser is set to Autoplay=NO then it will not autoplay, other wise it’s up to the browser to to deside when there is enough file available to start the AutoPlay. There is documentation on the Apple Developers Connection or a good book is QuickTime for Macintosh & Windows, it goes through step by step instructions on the features and how to’s of QT.

(LaWMan) #12

nice…slurp… :stuck_out_tongue:

(SKPjason) #13

WOW!!! Finally got around to checking out your site. Very impressive. Nice selection of different items in your galleries.

I hope you’ll continue to keep us posted on your works.

(harkyman) #14

Cool artwork and nice looking website. Your work has it’s own style (that’s Art, baby!) wihch is good to see around here.

(Monkeyboi) #15

Thaks again.

However, check out the tank movie. It has autoplay=true and still no difference. I have never heard about some servers not being able to support progressive downloading. But then again, I don’t know everything(damn). What about you? Do you happen to know wheather it is possible it could be server problems?

Thanks, -William

(VelikM) #16

I tried to open the Tank link, but it doesn’t work, the “embed src” tag is missing from the page.

(Monkeyboi) #17

It works allright. Just keep on waiting. I’ve tested it on all different kinds of machines. The quicktime interface only appears after it is completely finished downloading.