Shadeless GE?

I got a question, how can I make a uv textured cube shadeless. In the game engine? Without making the texture dissapear?:yes:

Activate shadeless in the material panel?!?!


Yeah but the problem is that when I put a material on the uv textured mesh. And test play, the textures dissapear and I only see the material…

Add the texture as a Material texture :slight_smile:

Whh but I have already Uv textured the whole thing. And does normal textures work in the GE?:eek:

click the button marked tex face in the material tabs… next the button marked shadeless

normal maps work, look in the game tab, under the heading use GLSL shaders. Put a check mark by it, and save your application.
To make the normal maps, and diffuse textures work, simple make a blender material with them both in it, check out the material and lighting tutorials on the subject.

Alright, please take a look at the blend. I would like the character to jump but keep the texture…tell me how I would do that?:rolleyes:
woops…here is a new version with packed textures…


level1.blend (602 KB)

I’m not entirely sure what your problem is, but to keep the guy from falling through your terrain, switch his bounds to Convex Hull.

Ok, thanks:) My problem is that, the uv textures are shown in the blend file when I’m in textured mode. But when I test play they dissapear, because I have put a meterial on the map. So that I could use a touch sensor, to make the character jump only when he touches the ground. But my textures dissapear???

Why is that???:smiley:
Btw can u see the textures in the blend file?

go to game in the top menu and click texture face materials

Thanks alot valek27 you are god…!:rolleyes: