Shadeless materials

Hi everybody.

I have been using 3dsmax for along time now, but now I switched to Blender. There are so many tools that Im learning now!! . Nonetheless I have a technical question and I hope you could help me. For those of you who has experience with 3dsmax there is a value in each material called self-illumination which give the material the same effect as Blender’s shadeless button. The funny thing in 3dsmax is that you can set this slider to any value between 0-100 I think. So to speak you can have a 50 % shaded material.

I have tried with emit button in blender but it seems to change the hue of the material. Is ther another way to do this ?

thanks in advance !!

Sorry Administrator. I posted this thread in the wrong forum. What can i do ?

Hmm…Thrischan, are you seeing mild or dramatic hue shifts? Emit should only brighten the material, but it still interacts with the diffuse and specular shaders. You might try playing with the Ref value for the diffuse shader, which controls the amount of diffuse reflection the material has. You may want to lower the Ref value as you raise Emit.

You can also control the diffuse shader through Ramp shaders (Ramps panel). Set the Input type to Result and you can set the color of the light and dark diffuse values manually.

The only other way I can think to affect this is through Ambient color. Set your ambient (world settings) to your diffuse color and control it through the Amb slider (next to Emit). Hope this helps.

Thank you very much Apollos! I think ramp shaders will do it. Actually i was trying to modify the light and dark diffuse values of a material, so this approach works fine for non-color textured materials. Maybe a could use ramp’s opacity to lighten dark areas of color textured materials which is my only concern.

Thank you!

Max Self-illumination = Blender Shadeless which is a button in the Materials shader.

That is correct PapaSmurf, but Thrischan was wanting what equates to “partial” shadeless, and was seeing undesired hue shifts when using Emit. We settled on Ramp shaders for that reason.