Shadeless object receive shadows

Hi everybody!
Let’s assume I have a UV camera mapped object, so I need it to be realistic, so it must be shadeless but also to receive all shadows of other objects that I will add near him. Solutions please?
Blender 2.78a

Cycles algorithm is about finding lights, not shadows; and as soon you hit a light (a shadeless object), the ray stops and it doesn’t look for any more lights in the scene (so no shadows!).

You need to render the scene with different passes (i.e. shadow pass), different materials, and do some composition.

Can you not just select the object and under object properties in the Ray Visibility section untick Camera but leave Shadow checked. This should act like an invisible shadow catcher.

Thanks for your help, but the result is that the invisible object just casts shadow, without receiving. Any idea? Nodes?
I would leave compositing as the last solution, there must be an easy way to do it with blender, it’s an old tecnique in camera mapping.

no way i can think of. You have to eait the upcoming shadow-catcher shader ans see if it can be mixed with emission shader

There’s no other way than with render layers and compositing currently. There’s a few great tutorials on youtube about this.

And they’re working on a built in shadow catcher material for 2.8 I believe.