Shader alike GLSL running at GPU in Blender Cycles Render.

(daddymxiii) #1

Hello when I started with Blender I was
enthusiastic for a long time.

Until I try to do shaders.

I would like to do shaders which will exploit vertex processor and fragment/pixel processor at graphic cards
in Blender Cycles Render (not Blender Game).

Why is something like this not possible in Blender ?

(daddymxiii) #2

OK so I will try to ask another way,
why is it possible GPU - OSL (?) “GPU” Cycles Diffuse BSDF shader … figure OSL GPU.png
and only CPU - OSL “CPU” Cycles Script shader … figure OSL CPU.png

(Secrop) #3

For now there’s still no osl for gpu. Closures, just like the diffuse bsdf are builted in cycles and osl only uses what cycles have, as osl doesn’t let you create your own closures. Glsl has nothing to do with cycles and they work in two different ways (cycles doesn’t have i.e. vertex shaders nor fragment shaders, and the render does not work by drawing primitives in the canvas, but by probing and sampling a BVHtree).

It’s possible, whatsoever, to add glsl drawing over a render made in cycles, but you need to render each of both ways combine them in composition.