Shader artist or generalist for specific cloth project

Hi, I want to complete my project:

As you can see in the end of the topic I made a little progress but my goal is to have a finished “product” someday. Not necessarily for selling it, but for me and others in the community to use. If the end product can be something salable it would be great, and you would benefit from it of course.

Looking for someone experienced to help me with the shading and also tutoring to make this look great and easy to use, even for people not used to Blender. And also to have a good “base” to be able to make variations in the patterns easy in the future.
As you can see my skills are kind of basic, so if/how we divide the work depends on if there is something I can manage. I’m very interested in learning at least.

I don’t have a company or so, just a happy blender user.

There is no deadline, just want to find someone interested in making this.

There is no budget set but for the right help I’m willing to pay what i takes.


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