Shader displacement + shrinkwrap (possible?)

Hi. I am recreating a big city bird-eye view. I need to locate solar panels and wind turbines in those places where the terrain becomes hilly. I am using this setup shared by DefaultCube in YT: shader-displacement

I like this method cause allows me to place empties in those places where I want to modify the city’s flat terrain into mountains. For the wind turbines or solar panels, I like to use a different mesh with a particle system (instead of subdividing the landscape and using weight vertex).

Is it possible to shrinkwrap the particle emission mesh into a mesh that has a displacement via shader nodes ? I know I could do it via the displace modifier.

If you work with large terrains/infographics and you have a good tip for spreading assets on a landscape, please share it; I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you a lot , community.