Shader material preview issue help fix!

I’ve been working on texturing and shading for hours and i just cant pass this issue its really frustrating!!!
The image below is the blend file i’m working on, see how does the material preview shows more lighting and not showing proper shader material

on the other hand, this is a new blend file with normal preview of the shader material

is there a way to fix this problem?
;by the way i cant move everything to a new file
and i cant upload the file because of its large file size 650 mb, my net is slow and it will take forever,
just ask me anything and i will just post it using the snipping tool.

You don’t have to upload the full project. Just save as new file, replace bad object with a suzanne, and delete the rest. Just make sure the problem persist.

Preview window apparently reacts to exposure - I never use preview so I wasn’t aware of that - but I guess it makes sense. So if you light your scene with low lighting, candle flames etc, and turn up the exposure to compensate for low light - the preview will appear overexposed.

didnt think of that…
so then how to lower the exposure ??:thinking:

For some reason the file is 50mb don’t know why even though i deleted everything and added only a suzanne and a plane to the scene
anyway here

sorry it took too long to upload

suzanne1.blend (253.7 KB)
See attached. I deleted images and purged everything from the file, then compressed it.
I changed exposure from 3.5 to 0, preview has to be updated manually.
Render view was set to render with HDR rather than local lights and local world, but I didn’t change that in your file.
There, under color management, you can find exposure control.

Note that the preview contains its own lighting, which probably doesn’t match your own. As such it is kind of useless for actual previewing materials. You’re much better off using lookdev mode or cycles local view if lookdev is problematic. Maybe material preview shouldn’t respond to exposure setting, but it does.

If you have to use exposure 3.5 in your scene, that’s what should be considered correct.

Thank you
It worked!!! :blush::+1:
,now i can work with ease :relaxed: