Shader node editor and texture node editor

i don’t understand the difference between them, when can we use the texture node editor?
Is that planned to become something like substance designer?

It doesn’t appear to be functional as best I can tell. A way to edit textures with node would be fantastic though.

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I’m not sure what version you are using - 2.80 might need some work getting to feature parity with 2.79, but texture nodes have been a thing in Blender for a long time. If you want to use the node editor to edit textures, you do just that. Are you asking how to use the node editor to edit textures?

Here’s a link to the manual that give an introduction and brief how to for texture nodes:

I should have mentioned that I’m looking at 2.80 (dunno about OP though). That page is specific to Blender Internal though, which has been removed from 2.80.

That is the problem. Blender Internal textures were used by brushes, modifiers or Freestyle.

So, currently, texture node editor does not work for world textures or Freestyle LineStyle nodes in 2.8.
That part is handled by shader editor and should probably be removed.
But it works for brushes. You can make a brush texture mixing BI procedural textures.

This editor should evolve to use EEVEE/Cycles procedural textures.
Blender 2.80 is still under construction.

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