shader question

i used the parallax bump map demo erwin included with the latest test build to somehow learn a little about the shader functions. i made this little fort with the bumped texture…

heres my question: how do you add more than one light source? i want to add about 3 just so that i can view the whole model without the back being black. anyone know how to modify the script to add more light sources?

im using the shader code almost exactly how it is in the demo, only i figured out how to get the shininess away to get a more real look.
heres the link to the thread:

its in the graphics demos ofcourse and youll need the latest build which is also there to run it properly, but im sure most of you know this.


Nice model Stella :slight_smile:

Jogi was made a script that support colormap+normalmap+specularmap+heightmap up to 3 lights

from old Glsl shaders theread:

good luck and happy blending :wink:


thank you very much edem.