Shader Smooth button? Toggle or ??

Hi All,
Thanks for looking in. The Shader Smoother button when modeling. Is that a toggle switch, or once hit is all I get and to get a better look I must crank up my Preview Render value?

I cannot see a real diff once hit and going back and hitting it again. Almost as though once hit it is set and that is that.

It’s not a toggle. ‘Shading: Flat’ cancels ‘Shading: Smooth’.

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So I understand this… Shader smooth is ON, if I hit Shader Flat it is OFF? Either on or off then?

Effectively. In Edit mode you can choose smooth or flat for each face individually; in Object mode whatever you choose will be applied to the whole mesh. If you want to smooth on an edge-by-edge basis instead of face-by-face, you need to have smooth shading on and then use an Edge Spit modifier (possibly combined with Mark Sharp for greater control).

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Actually you are right, no reason it shouldn’t be a toggle, but that’s just not how it’s programmed, making shortcuts for it is a little unintuitive too.

How about a shortcut to do these 3 things at once:

  1. Remove doubles
  2. Recalc normals
  3. Set shading to smooth

And while we’re at it it also flashes non-quads red for 1 second.
And if everything is ok, it displays a message that ‘Your model is awesome!’

Seems a simple enough script to write:evilgrin:! At the very least though these things should all be in their own tab, not distributed throughout the interface. I’ve done that… but it should be default.

Thanks you guys appreciate the input… And I really like the idea of “compliments as you move through stages of your model” haha.

@mcollett, Good to know about selecting faces or whatever and being able to flat or smooth.