Shader Tests including (but not limited to) SSS

(Microno) #21

Here’s Sintel with a skin shader and (terrible) hair.

(Microno) #22

We have the new SSS but since it isn’t available for the GPU yet I decided to see if my shader could tackle the actual SSS shader without much success. These are the results…

I’m giving up on this shader.

(Microno) #23

I really should stop but I can’t cause fiddling and working at trying to make this look good is so much fun. I can’t help it… O_O So here is a lineup of a variety of different things.

(Microno) #24

So I decided i should jump on the bandwagon and test out the actual SSS shader. It’s pretty cool! So this is my attempt at making a skin shader and it’s a complete and utter failure. :confused:

It took 3 minutes to render with my CPU and I used the progressive integrator. 100 samples. I’m gonna work a bit more on this…

(michalis) #25

The new sss may smooths sculpting badly. Returning a soapy waxy result.
I suggest you a mix of sss and your favorite translucent based setups. In this case, give a larger scale on the sss. You never know.
A 0.100 mix of simple translucency might work, you never know.

(Microno) #26

I’ll see if that works. I’ve been trying with my other shader as well to see if it gives a good result but so far this is it:

I’m gonna work with the actual SSS shader later when I no longer have this god-awful headache…

(Microno) #27

I had an idea and so far so good…

(alessandro) #28

Has anybody tried to setup realistic marble material using the new Cycles SSS feature?

Thanks in advance.


(michalis) #29

The last few pages of the SSS cycles dedicated thread is full of experiments on marble.

(alessandro) #30

Thank you Michalis, I’ve seen those pages but I supposed they referred to the ‘experimental’ version of SSS.

I was asking about the official SSS feature inserted into the new Blender 2.67 RC.

Unfortunately, the WIP version of new features in Blender is often not compatible with the definitive one.

I know you are probably one the maximum expert of Cycles material and I’ve always appreciated your works, learning a lot from them.
So, if according to you, what I can find on those pages is ‘stable’ I will for sure have a look at them in detail.

Thank you very much.


(Microno) #31

Just some more tests…

(Microno) #32

Some more tests or at least renders of the results. I forgot to mention that I used the Full Global Illumination Preset.

Gallery of the renders.

(Microno) #33

I sculpted something intricate in order to have a better test subject as opposed to poor Suzanne. I’ll be editing the first post with the .blend for the new SSS node setup that I’ve created which is much better than the previous one.

(Microno) #34

Here is the latest version of the node setup/shader. I shall also add this to the first post in order to provide easy access.

Subsurface Scattering Material.blend (669 KB)

(masterxeon1001) #35

omg. thats just amazing. Beautiful render. That is just awesome.

(masterxeon1001) #36

I am very pleased with your shader!. I know blender has SSS built into cycles but its slower than Christmas. I just downloaded your setup and imported into another file and just with minor tweaking got very nice results. I love how it works with the GPU very nicely. I love how Blender is always getting new solution engineered everyday by brilliant users.

(Microno) #37

Don’t be afraid to tell me of any bugs! I improve the shader every time I get a new idea so I’ll be posting that here but I don’t know how frequently that will be. Enjoy! :smiley:

(Microno) #38

I had an idea: What if the absorption colour changed depending on the depth as though there were gasp different layers? So I set up a node group based on the internal node group that I had for the SSS and used it as the factor for a colour ramp. The setup is right here:

And this is the result:

(Microno) #39

The results of last nights idea has given me a beautiful render. Here it is. :smiley:

(Microno) #40

Getting sculpting practice and trying to create marble…using a clay-like sculpt. I am not very smart… O_O So this is the result of the sculpt and the final render, I also showed how many samples it took because I was surprised at how quickly the material converged eliminating noise.

Final Render: