Shader Trunk Integration

(GraphiX) #1

Okay, this I guess more of a question/thought on how the blender foundation works, but I’ve been wondering: Martinsh (and others, but he is the shining god among them) have created wonderful shaders for the ge that have been stable and run quite efficiently. However, they’ve never actually been implemented directly into blender (or any trunk). This isn’t necessarily a problem, however you have to go searching for it, load it into your file, and so on. Not to mention, it almost seems that some of these shaders have been practically forgotten, and fallen to a point where they don’t work, and since they aren’t actually implemented features, no one really seems to notice them, and the people who made them are usually busy and have better things to do than update their shaders every time a new build comes out. Also, a god-damn mouse-look script needs to be built in.

(JohnnyBlack) #2

My opinions:Yes,you are right,maybe this things will happen when Harmony branch is over.

(GraphiX) #3

Is there no way we can put it in trunk as members, or is that up to people at the BF?

(Sinan) #4

It’s up to the BF to decide on this issue.

The problem is that the BF does not want to add things that will increase the download size of Blender.

So if you want to add a shader library for the BGE only, it might be okay, but how much will it add to Blender in terms of it’s overall download size?

Blender comes with templates you can access from the text editor, but it’s very limited so that it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

I think, one idea is to have a semi-official place where people can download BGE shaders/add-ons.

In fact, another idea to think about is perhaps Blender should have some kind of Asset Store, like Unity.

It would basically be a place to download Python plugins, BGE shaders, BGE Pythons plugins, you name it, even assets I guess?

(Wendigo) #5

I think this wouldn’t be quite successful.
We already have blendswap for assets and scripts. Most of the latter are outdated 2.49 scripts.
Furthermore most bge game developers will know about the game resources section here on blenderartists.

The commercial nature of that “store” would be the only thing which could make developers keep their scripts up to date but since shader scripts can be found all over the web and only have to be ported to python wouldn’t result in much profit for the sellers.

In my opinion integrating at least the most common shaders into the bge is a MUST and it ensures that these shaders will be updated with every new version of blender.

By the way, why does the BF want do keep the size of blender that low?
In comparism to other 3D Software which all have lots of GB of size blender ist is a dwarf and will still be one with some more integrated shaders.
If its the mere increase of downloadsize the BF fears they could think about other ways of distribution like torrents.

(JohnnyBlack) #6

LOL! A few filters that have no more than a few kb would mega increase the size of blender,up to 2 gb.

(Naxela) #7

Well, I actually think the idea about a semi-official BGE-dedicated website doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

  • Of course, it shouldn’t be a place solely for assets(shaders, scripts, etc.), but perhaps also contain a section for well-written tutorials, and provide a better showcase for what’s really possible with the BGE (rather than just 5-minute cubes and spheres games).

Regarding the Blender size, I think it would be best to keep it structurally lightweight rather than a software swizzknife-behemoth. In Max or Maya, you can often spent several minutes to find what you need in the long list of included scripts, where as in Blender, you are not so easily obstructed by immense lists of included semi-useless scripts, and if you need something, you can always just download and install it (as with LuxRender or Suicidators Citybuilding script for example).

(martin.hedin) #8

Couldn’t we have nice sticky thread where we collect all these resources here on the forum, and take care of them? Or some kind of community plug-in / addon with these features gathered together?

(SolarLune) #9

I think integrating the more well-used shaders (like SSAO, chromatic aberration, bloom, depth of field, and color correction) would be nice. If it’s a matter of size, some of the less useful shaders could be taken out, or even combined (sepia and grayscale could probably be combined, perhaps even into the color correction filter).

The sticky thread method would probably work since there’s no way to keep the shaders ‘together’ now, but someone still has to update them.

An asset store may or may not work, but the ability to have BGE viewable assets available directly would be a good idea. Maybe it would just be an add-on to work with BlendSwap from directly in Blender? However, since BlendSwap has a download limit, it might not be a good idea to work with it for downloading more complex assets.

Before the asset store, a library view actually implemented into Blender would probably be a good idea (being able to physically see objects, materials, and other resources append-able from a blend file, or add-able through groups, for example).

(isyedcg) #10

There are alot developments going on but i dont know why its not in the trunk. .need a UI for the shaders. .Water is a must. .martinsh water shader is mindblowing

(iFlowProduction) #11

Doesn’t Unity have such a “Asset-Store” system?
I like the idea and would work on it, btw. could work on a concept for it. :slight_smile:
It could be realizable with a little group, I think.

And there should even be a website especially for the blender game engine, which includes a nice portfolio about very well game projects.
If there is a higher amount of bge users, I think there would be more development.

(Sinan) #12

Well I was talking about an Asset Store inside of Blender itself. That means it has to be done in Python and I’m not sure if you can do internal asset store in Python with Blender. Unity has an asset store of course, and Epic is considering an Asset Store for UDK as well, so will ShiVa 3D which will be getting one in the next release.

It would be run by the BF and it would be like an official asset store for Blender.


  • Blender users can sell assets, scripts on the Blender Asset Store, this would motivate sellers to update the scripts as needed because they can submit to a central place
  • Those who want to provide free scripts have the same advantage, which is to submit to an official central place
  • Users who want to charge money for the assets, scripts, can get 70% share of sales and the BF can keep 30%, and so this would be an additional source of revenue for BF. For BF, this could generate 50k per year perhaps (which could be used to hire devs, etc). The question is how much does it cost to keep the store going?


  • An asset store would introduce all sorts of bugs to Blender
  • How much will it cost to keep the Asset Server going per year, $2000, $6000?
  • If the store gets flooded, some sellers will not make any money? However the store will be plenty useful to get free script that other devs want to share. Right now the only way to search for Blender add-ons is through google, using

EDIT: oh and you can’t call it “Blender Asset Store” for potential trademark issues with Unity, so BF would have to think of a different name.

EDIT: Actually, ShiVa 3D launched their store and they call it “ShiVa Asset Store”, so the name “Asset Store” is too generic to be trademarked.

EDIT: Well for assets there is no point because we have:, and for paid assets there are plenty of places to buy them.

EDIT: Yeah so a shader library for BGE is something that we can create and ask the BF to include in Blender, provided it’s not more than ~5MB compressed.

(GraphiX) #13

Yeah, I’m not implying we have implement like 80 shaders into the bge, even though that would add like a megabyte, but mostly the more popular used ones as solarlune said, like ssao, light scattering, ssgi maybe, dof, bloom, etc. It’s actually a shame, it seems that martinsh’s ssao shader has stopped working with the current build, or at least on my computer, which is a shame because that’s a real essential shader. It’s not even necessarily important that they are all implemented, but more of a way that we can keep track of, make sure they work, and ease of putting into the game.

(CTBM) #14

try this one, although it needs tweaking but works on newer nVidia cards.

SSAO_spiral_mist_2.6.blend (1.63 MB)

be sure to disable the mist setting in the ssao shader file if you want to adapt it to your own project.

(dConclusionman) #15

I’m not sure if increasing size is the reason why BF doesn’t implement those shaders yet. Increasing size of a software is normal along with increasing number of features.
Perhaps BF is just got their hands full like usual. I won’t be surprised if BF doesn’t even aware of the existance of those shaders. They need more funding to hire new developers.

(Aryok) #16

+1 to the essential shaders integration in trunk, that would make BGE more feature rich.

(GraphiX) #17

Well, maybe I sound like an idiot, but I don’t think trunking shaders would take very long.

(Urfoex) #18

Made a little addon:

Grab the addon-script from here (needs Mercurial when used):

You can now also grab that “Grab-ZIP”-version here:

Load it in Blender:
File → User Preferences… → Addons → Install from File…

After activation you’ll get a new import option:
File → Import → GLSL Shader Repository

It will pull the shaders in using Mercurial (you need to have it installed).
The scripts will be in ~/.config/blender/2.66/scripts/bge-shader
or somewhere equal on other OS.

After that you need to restart Blender because it changes $blender/2.66/scripts/startup/bl_ui/
That way the shader will appear unter
Text Editor → Templates → GLSL

Here is a picture with it working in ge_harmony branch. (Works also fine with normal trunk.)

[Just tested on Linux. Can’t say if or how it works on different OS.]

Have fun!

PS: There are currently not much shaders included. Just some to show that it works. Contributions, additions, critics etc. are welcome.

(Sinan) #19

Yeah, we can ask the devs to include the changes you made to script above in trunk and then we can work on adding a library of shaders that would come standard with Blender.

I don’t know about pulling shaders in from online using Mercurial, we should just package shaders with Blender. Then we can add more advanced ones as they are created, replacing any non efficient ones, plus we can have low-res, med-res, high-res versions of some shaders.

Is the idea of Mercurial is so that we don’t add to Blender’s size? I think if the shaders are kept to something like 5MB it should be okay.

(GraphiX) #20

Seems nice. As long as the repository was updated, it would be perfect.